Bulk Hose

GreaseVac Suction Hose


Greasevac Suction Hose for Grease Traps   Brand new Flexible and Lightweight hose for grease extraction. Smooth grease resistant inner liner perfect for food grease and soluble oil collection. Temperature range -40°F to 150°F. For...

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EBH Suction Hose w/ Cuffs


EBH Suction Hose              Service: Ideal for waste evacuation, sewer cleaning and septic pumping, Construction, Excavation and Machine to machine or machine to truck transfers Construction: ...

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PVC Water Suction Hose


Water suction and discharge hose designed for construction, mining, marine and irrigation purposes. Temperature range: 15°F to 150°F. Construction:  Green, flexible, abrasion resistant PVC with a rigid PVC reinforcement for full vacuum...

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